Discover Warsaw starting from our neighbourhood

Discover Warsaw’s green heart.

Experience the best of Warsaw when staying at the haven Dedek Park Hotel offers, to one side the tranquility and calm of Skaryszewski Park and to the other the busy city center.
From Dedek Park Hotel’s central location, in amongst the buzzing vibrant city, it is an easy stroll to explore the capital.

And then there is the relaxing and picturesque space of Skaryszewski Park which allows our Guests to enjoy peace and quiet at any time of the year, to admire the wildlife (and countless species of plants), the lake, ponds and even a waterfall. The park is a site of protected natural heritage, but it welcomes visitors to enjoy numerous activities. There are tennis courts, a harbour, one can listen to concerts or watch film screenings.

That is where our Dedek Park Hotel is located:


Stadion Narodowy - The most famous and probably the most impressive stadium in Poland, built to host UEFA EURO 2012™ football championships, now regularly introduces new attractions for visitors. Accessible and open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. (in summer 5 a.m. to 11 p.m.).

Teatr Powszechny im. Zygmunta Hübnera – The major Polish drama theatre established in 1945 staging classics. Reputable and thriving thank to the young artists.

Fabryka Czekolady E. Wedel – The source of occassional sweet smell in the park, a chocolate factory. Established in 1927 it still remains one of Poland’s favourite. The factory is available for group visitors.

Konkatedra Matki Boskiej Zwycięskiej na Kamionku – Founded in the middle ages, a roman catholic parish church. Unfortunately as it was bombed in the WW2, the contemporarily available cathedral was built in the 1950. Daily Roman catholic services.

In Saska Kępa, the home to Skaryszewski Park, one can find numerous natural monuments of outstanding and unique value.